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     When it comes to sex I'm of the belief that more is better, kink is the norm, and limits exist only in closed minds.  I grew up as on an only child, Daddy always spoiled me and since my teens, I'm sure my Mom is jealous of me.  I was always the center of attention at home and at school; with a smile and a shake of my ass or flash of my cleavage (I developed early) I always got what I wanted.  I lost my virginity to the captain of the football team when I just a freshman.  I knew the importance of status even then.  Using sex to get ahead socially and using sex to get a better grade.  Who'd have thought teasing my algebra teacher and flashing my panties would get me an A?

     During college I worked at my Daddy's company; well I wouldn't say I worked very hard, but the men who worked around me sure worked "hard".  It was easy getting them to do my boring tasks, a combination of wanting to please me and being afraid I'd "tell Daddy on them".  No matter to me, it just reinforced the ideas that I'm a spoiled Princess and deserve all I want.  While I'm naturally Dominant it doesn't mean that I'm not interested in pleasing my man.  Quite the contrary.  I love sex, fucking, sucking, making love and whatever else you choose to call it.  I'm highly sexed and if you think you can keep up with me and my needs, well come on and give me your best shot!

     I'm an expert at getting into your head, both your big and little head, and giving you just what you need even if you haven't quite realized it yet.  I can roleplay almost any scenario and I especially like those where I'm in charge.  I love tease and denial phone sex, dressing you up in panties, whoring you out like a sissy, teaching you discipline and so much more.  Let me control your orgasm, and take you to places you've never thought possible.  My addictive laugh will make crave my humiliations and torments.  You will come back time and time again begging for more.  Bet on it.

     I'm perpetually horny and always ready to fuck.  But I am picky and a size queen and only real men who know how to handle a girl like me get in my panties.  Be the lucky man and you'll be rewarded with my dripping, squirting pussy and screams of ecstasy.  I am one of the fortunate to be blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.  Do you think you're man enough to have me?   Go ahead give me a try - but just be forewarned, if you're not, you might find yourself at my mercy!

     For a phone sex encounter like no other, call Alyssa today!

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