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     I have a confession to make. As easy as you might think it would be for me to be that "girl-next-door" full of ribbons and bows and dripping of innocence and sweetness that my look often inspires, it's just not me. In reality, I get consumed by wicked and wild flights of sexual fancy. When I get worked up, I want relief, pure and simple. And my fantasies and desires on how that relief should be satisfied are not so full of innocence and sweetness.

Things I most enjoy:

  • Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
  • Emasculation/Feminization
  • Sissy Boys/Sissification
  • Cuckold Wife
  • Foot, Leg, Stocking Lovers
  • Tease and Denial
     I saved Tease and Denial for last on my list. Mmmm, delicious. What I love most is tease and denial phone sex. There is something wicked about knowing that your engorged cock and blue balls painfully require attention. The thought of getting so close to you that you can feel my breath on your skin excites me.  Knowing that I can force you to watch as I strip and wiggle my ass inches from your mouth makes me more than a little wet. I will have you glide your tongue from my belly button to my to my luscious lips and tongue. Slowly.

     You want me. I know you do. And I want grovel for me. I want you to beg, pray and ache for my body. I will decide what, if anything, happens and when. You will simply please me by following my directions. You just have to hope my directions match your desires. I may ask you to slide that cock inside of me or I may ask you to lock the door on your way out. Surprises are wonderful, aren't they?

     One of the things I love most about phone sex is that, when I get in one of my devilish moods, I'm something of a sexual whirlwind that traps men's minds and exposes the full depth of their depraved needs. Of course, I'm not always so devious. It all depends upon my mood. I love playing with guys who get off on the same things I do and, as you can see, I have a few things I most enjoy. After all, riding a roller coaster is doubly enjoyable with someone by your side. Who likes to thrill seek all by themselves?

     If I listed a tasty fetish that excites you, give me a ring. I think we'll both be pleased to get together.

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