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    My name is Evelyn; dominatrix, humiliatrix, owner of men and destroyer of egos. You may call me Lady Evelyn, or Mistress Evelyn. Once you enter my world you won't be given many choices so you should savor this one while you can. That being understood, I will now spell out a few basics. I am a Dominatrix & Extreme Fetishist. What that means is that I enjoy taking control over you and your sexual expression. You are welcome to make requests of me as long as you do so respectfully and with reverence. However, what ultimately happens will be my decision and can take many different forms, some quite extreme in nature.

    You are a submissive and that means you enjoy giving me what I enjoy, including but not limited to, offering yourself up for things that most people would consider physical and psychological hell.

    What to expect. You should know that when I answer the phone I will speak to you with the same respect I would afford any stranger on the street. Please do not mistake common courtesy for an inability to turn your world upside down and inside out at a moments notice within the confines of a session.

    In order for our sessions to be mutually beneficial I must get to know your kinks and fetishes. I find this is most successfully done when I refrain from breathing fire and screeching like a harpy during the process.

    You are encouraged to be as open and honest as possible about your predilections. Nothing shocks me so use your mouth for that other intended purpose---talking. Tell me what you hope to achieve in our time together. I am a lifestyle dominatrix which means I practice what I preach in my real life and have years of experience bringing men to their knees. Domination is an art form, a dance, a give and take of power and trust. What it is NOT is unadulterated abuse.

Call me and I'll show you the way to MY ultimate fulfillment.

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