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    There is nothing quite like a panty boy in full bloom, wearing his best silkies, jewelry, thigh-highs and plenty of makeup.  Primp for me, strike an unmistakably girlish pose, and bat your eyelashes.  Swing your hips as you walk toward me, like a stripper on stage, flirting and teasing the horny men in the audience. 

     Stand before me and wait to be inspected for any traces of manliness.  The illusion should be perfect and I'm the girl to perfect it for you.  Any errant hairs will be plucked, shaved, or waxed away.  Sitting with your legs crossed in a prissy manner is a must, anything less is grounds for punishment.  You can, and will, be taught.

     When you are a picture-perfect girly-boy you may go to the bedroom and await my arrival.  Position yourself on the bed like a brazen slut and, when I've slipped into my strap-on, I'll come give you exactly what this has all been leading up to...your ass full of "cock".  

     You will be submissive and sweet, begging for me to slam-fuck your tight little boy-cunt.  I can be devilishly creative, so think twice before letting any macho behavior slip out.

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