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    Heya, dudes, it's your favorite coed, Kristen! I'm about to tell you something I've never told anyone else in the world. Ready for it?

    Well...I've got this fantasy, you see. It's a lot like how men want to see two girls together. I've always wanted to watch two men go at it. I accidentally stumbled across some gay porn last year, and I've been hooked ever since.

    Since then, I've learned that being cock curious is pretty common among men. You have no idea how happy finding that out has made me! Before that, I was so afraid I'd go through my life without ever seeing my fantasy fulfilled, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now. With all the bicurious men in the world, surely I can find at least one who's willing to humor me, right?

    And that brings me to you. How would you like to be the very first man to fulfill that fantasy for me? It makes no difference to me whether you do it willingly or whether it has to be a forced bi kinda thing. I just bet you'd look amazing with a cock in your mouth, no matter how it got there.

    I can't wait for some male bisexual phone sex. Come oblige me, pretty please?

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