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     My beloved husband, I know you are well aware that I am the kind of woman men drool over. The one with the hard body, the teasing smile and the devastating way of working my way into the dirty thoughts of every man we know.  

     Is it due to the fact that their crotches ache at the thought of gliding their moist tongues across my tongue...or something else? Maybe it's the way I carry myself, the confidence and slut-like qualities usually only reserved for men. 

     You are blessed that I'm not your typical woman, but I think you know that. That's why you love me so much, isn't it? There's something inviting about me to other men, more than the obvious.

     The excitement of our sexual escapades is heightened by the number of men we get to play along with our games. I love the fact that I can fuck so many men and it only increases your devotion to me. How I love to look up from my frenzy and see you watching us, stroking yourself, so close to the edge of the bed that the sweat flying from his body lands on your cheek. The smell of a stranger's sex fills your nostrils, my intense moans fill your ears. You beat off faster and he pounds me harder, his beautiful cocoa-colored frame nearly obstructs your entire view of me.

     But you see just enough, don't you? Enough to glimpse the largest cock you've ever seen thrust in and out of your wife's body. I devour every inch. You, you, my lover, will soon devour every drop.

     My body is jerking and my orgasm is getting close. Won't you call me so that we can come together?

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